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Baby Music

For Babies aged from 3 months to approx. 9 months.

Introduce your little one to the delights of music making, as you learn new songs and rhymes, and remember ones from your own childhood.

Sessions include singing songs and lullabies, action and movement songs, speech rhymes, physical development activities with movement and music, dancing, sensory exploration, sharing, and lots of fun.


Moving Baby Music

For Babies on the move approx 9 to 24 months.

This is a fun, action-packed class for babies on the move; walkers and non-walkers.

Filled with movement and variety, it’s perfect for little ones who are starting to explore and move independently.

Together we sing, listen, learn actions and moves to develop motor skills, dance, discover and play.

We’ll sing lots your favourite children’s songs (and learn new ones!), improvise on percussion instruments, discover new concepts, and explore music through all the senses.

Toddler Music

For 18-36 month olds.

Sing, dance, move, improvise, listen, learn and play – all in this active Music class for toddlers and pre-schoolers and their parents/care-givers to enjoy together.

Together we’ll learn and sing lots of children’s songs and rhymes, as well as learn actions and movements to assist both sensory motor skills and musical development.

We’ll explore and play percussion instruments and listen to music from all genres.

Simple dances, movement and learning through play are also integral parts of the class.

This session doesn’t have 15 minutes of social time at the end


Babies are born loving music and dance. They respond to music and react to parents’ voices even before birth.

Your baby will also love making music with YOU. An early start can be the foundation for a lifelong love of music, dance and creativity.

Louise’s baby music classes are for babies and their parent(s) and/or caregivers aged from 3 months to 2 years. Making music together is a special activity that both you and your baby will look forward to each week.

Enjoy a fun session of singing, movement, play, and learning together with your baby. With varied and optional activities for different stages of development, together you will learn and have fun all at once.

We sing familiar and new children’s songs and rhymes in a friendly, relaxed environment. Through songs, dance, simple games and peek-a-boo, jam sessions on instruments, singing and listening, you and your baby can connect as you experience the joy of music together. 

Start your week with a session of singing, music making, movement and colour, exploring, and fun. Share the joy of music with your baby, as you connect, explore and create together.

As well as being lots of fun, early childhood musical activities can also help boost language and learning skills as children grow.

You will create a special bond with music and your baby, as they are encouraged to create and respond to music, and we explore all the joy it can bring!

At the end of each forty five minute structured session there is 15 minutes for relaxing, free play, chatting and social time with other parents*.

*Except Toddler Music.




Courses in


20.12.2016 by ALEXEJ HOCK (DPA)

Publications (in German):

14-month-old Sophia is totally absorbed in the music, just like class leader Louise Watts

Dancing parents and babies with rattles. Louise Watts’s music courses are designed for both sides. They’re about having fun and accessing music.

Music lessons for babies? No, it’s not a school for “Wunderkinder”, in which one-year-olds sing up and down the scale. In Louise’s courses, most of the singing is done by the parents – and the babies bounce around in time with the music. She wants music to become part of their lives.

In the Thursday course in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, twelve mothers are sitting in a circle, their little ones on their laps. The target group is 10-24-month-old children. One still has its dummy in its mouth. Wide-eyed, the babies stare around as their mothers begin singing “Say hallo” as a welcome song.


Louise’s instruments include rattles, bells and colourful cloths. The 40-year-old Australian gets the songs going, like “I know a chicken” or “The more we get together”. No-one’s bothered that they’re all in English. Firstly, the children in the baby class are too young to understand the words, and secondly the mothers come from all round the world. What else would you expect in Prenzlauer Berg? The only father who has come is waiting outside.

Louise Watts first came to Berlin in 2008 for a summer school, and fell in love with the city. Two years later, she left Sydney for good to come to Germany. Two years ago, the music and acting teacher started offering her own music classes for children in Berlin – in English, but open to everyone.

“When the children are so young, it’s not about the language, but the music and the movement,” says Louise. “I hope the children will have a life-long love of music.”

The musical education is less important for the mothers: they want to have fun. Irina comes from Bryansk in Russia, and only moved to Prenzlauer Berg in May. She has been attending the 45-minute baby classes regularly since September, and is at least as enthusiastic as her 14-month-old daughter. “Sophia loves dancing along to the music with the other children,” says the 31-year-old Russian.

When the music starts, she picks up the rattle herself and sways to the music. After a few minutes, the babies also start to move, and little Sophia grabs an egg shaker and ventures out into the middle of the circle.

“These classes aren’t just for children, they’re for the parents as well,” says Claudia Wanner from the Association of German Music Schools. “They’re about integrating music into everyday life, and these courses are really good for that.”

The Association is working on an educational plan for children aged up to 10, based on the “Musical education right from the start” project. One of the chapters is devoted to parent-and-child groups for up to three-year-olds.


Louise also offers courses for very small babies aged between three and ten months. Older children can – with a bit more articulation – sing in the children’s choir. Again, it is less about hitting the right notes and more about fun and games. And if a child goes home using a word like “legato”, so much the better.

Louise says proudly how the first children have just started singing in the choir who were previously in the baby classes. The love of music has already lasted at least that long – surely a good omen for the future.




Louise’s Profile



Baby Music: Mondays 11:45
Moving Baby Music: Tuesdays 10:00

Kurz und Klein
Nansenstr. 2
12047 Berlin – Neukölln.

A short walk from U7, U8 Hermannplatz, or
A short walk from Bus M41, M29, 171 to Sonnenallee/Pannierstr.


Prenzlauer Berg

Baby Music: Thursdays 12:15
Moving Baby Music: Thursdays 11:00 and Fridays 10:00
Toddler Music: Thursdays 15:30

Raum Schwalbe
Winsstr. 9
10405 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg.

M2 to Knaackstr.
M4 to Hufelandstr.




Singer, actor and music educator Louise has been based in Berlin since 2010. Singing, performing and teaching the joy of singing, music and performance are her passions in life.

Originally from regional Australia, Louise has spent many years as a choral director, music educator and private voice tutor; preparing students for exams, performances, public engagements and tertiary entrance.

She directed and conducted primary school choirs and music theatre groups all over Sydney. She was a senior conductor and tutor for the Australian Girls’ Choir for many years, and worked with all age groups and specialist choirs. Louise conducted massed and specialist choirs in the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Town Hall, and often travelled interstate to work on Music Camps. As a tutor she taught music fundamentals to pre-primary students, drama and music to primary aged and secondary students, and vocal technique to mature aged students. Louise was a member of the Choral Repertoire Selection panel for the NSW Department of Education, and was a guest conductor for the Primary Proms and Choral Concerts held in Sydney for primary school children from all over the state. Louise directed both the Junior and Senior NSW State Schools Singers for the NSW Department of Education, and was Choral tutor and conductor on NSW State Music Camps for many years.

Louise currently teaches voice and choirs in several Berlin primary schools and has private music students. Louise also teaches piano, music theory, and works as an English tutor on Language Immersion Summer Camps.

As a performer Louise’s favourite stage roles were for Opera Australia’s OZOpera Schools’ Touring Company. She sang Hansel in Hansel and Gretel and Cassandra and Catherine in The Soundgarden. Louise got to combine her love of performing and teaching in this medium – taking opera to primary school students, especially in remote regional areas of Australia.

Louise enjoys seeing her students and choristers learn to love singing, and experience the joy music can bring. She has been running the Berlin Children’s Choir since 2012, and is excited about what the future will hold. She looks forward to meeting you soon!


20th MAY 2017


Thursdays at 16.00
“Kita Choir”
for children aged 3-5

Raum Schwalbe, Winsstr. 9, 10405 Berlin

7th MAR 2016


Sing, play, learn, have fun!

Our repertoire ranges from children’s favourites, to classic choral songs, to musical hits, to modern pop songs.

11th NOV 2015


The combined choirs will be performing at the annual Very British Christmas at St George’s Anglican Church in Neu Westend (Preußenallee 17-19, 14052 Berlin). Choristers from Kreuzberg and Zehlendorf will perform in the church at 16:30 on Saturday 5th December.

We will sing christmas and holiday songs, some highlights from our summer concert, and the brand new kita choirs will make their performing debut!

All family, friends, fans and pets are welcome to this very special christmas market. There will be food, markets, stalls, games, entertainment, christmas sing-a-long and fun.

1st JUN 2015


The Combined Summer Concert will held on Friday July 10th in the Georgensaal of the Parochialkirche - Klosterstraße 66, 10179 Berlin

Concert begins at 17.45

Choristers from all venues will be performing at this special event.

Tickets at the door: Adults 8€, Children 5€, kids under 6 years free.

Families, friends and fans all welcome!

13th MAR 2015


One, two – how do you do? is the latest CD from entertainer and educator Robert Metcalf.

Girls from the Mitte and Zehlendorf choirs appear on several of the tracks, singing, talking and laughing with Robert.

The group spent two days in the recording studio in November (see photos in the gallery!) which was exciting, revealing, hard work and fun all at the same time.

The CD, released by JUMBO features original and traditional children’s songs in English, with BCC choristers as soloists, backing and ensemble singers.

The CD is available at Jumbo and at Robert Metcalf website.


6th DEC 2014


St George’s Church Christmas fair: A VERY BRITISH CHRISTMAS.
Berlin Children’s choir performance 4pm in the main church.

This will include children from the Mitte, Zehlendorf and Kreuzberg choirs.

Come along not only for our performance but lots of music and entertainment, stalls and food, prizes, fun and Christmas Carol sing-a-long!
All welcome.

St George’s Anglican Episcopal Church, Berlin


NOV 2014


After just a few weeks the Kreuzberg choir has outgrown it’s original rehearsal space!

From Wednesday 26th November we will meet at the
Tanzstunde Studio - Zossenerstr 24, 10961 Berlin.

It’s a short walk from U7 Gneisenaustraße and Bus 248 stops right outside - Marheinekeplatz.

The studio is on the left in the Hof, next to the juggling shop, and has lots of space for the growing choir!



OCT 2014


On Tuesday 8th October the Berlin Children’s Choir will begin meeting in Kreuzberg. Mitte & Zehlendorf choristers will continue to meet as usual on Tuesdays and Thursdays and join Kreuzberg children for concerts performances and special events.

Come to the “Familienzentrum Mehringdamm”, Mehringdamm 114, 10965 Berlin
U6 - Platz der Luftbrücke
Bus M48 104 - Platz der Luftbrücke
Wednesdays 16.30-17.30



Contact Louise to arrange a trial session, bring a friend!

AUG 2014


Come to a trial session - bring a friend!
Come to Mitte on Thursday or Zehlendorf on Tuesday (and Charlottenburg later in the year.... watch this space!)



All Welcome!

JUN 2014


Tuesday 24th June, 17.45 at All Saints Church, Hüttenweg 14195 Berlin– Zehlendorf.
All choristers from Zehlendorf and Mitte will join together for a concert presentation to parents, friends and fans.
Tickets at the door: Adults 8 euro, Children free.



All Welcome!

FEB 2014


On Tuesday 18th February the Berlin Children’s Choir begins rehearsals at All Saints Church in Dahlem.
Mitte choristers will continue to meet on Thursdays, and join children from Zehlendorf for concerts, performances, and special activities.
Come to All Saints Church, Tuesdays 16.30 – 17.30.

All Saints Church



All Saints Church
Hüttenweg 46
14195 Berlin– Zehlendorf
U3—Oskar-Helene-Heim (10 min walk)
S1—Zehlendorf then Bus 285
Bus 285—Am Waldfriedhof
Bus M11— Oskar-Helene-Heim
Bus 115—Hüttenweg

DEC 2013


The junior choir meets 16.30-17.10 at Mitte (before the BCC) for singing, movement, games, music fundamentals and lots of fun!
Contact Louise to arrange a trial session!


19th DEC 2013


Audiences, friends, and family are invited to come to the last 20 minutes of our rehearsal 17.55 for a special Christmas performance of carols and songs.


7th DEC 2013


St George’s Church Christmas fair: A VERY BRITISH CHRISTMAS.
Berlin Children’s choir performance and entertainment.
4.30 pm in the main church.

St George’s Anglican Episcopal Church, Berlin

14 NOV 2013


Louise is away.
See you next week! 21st November.


31 OCT 2013


“Spooky songs, dance and beats,
Ghoulish Games, and trick-or-treats”
Halloween themed song and dance session. Wear your costume!


25 OCT 2013


Junior choir for 4-5 year olds meets 16.30 -17.15 Thursdays, i.e. just before the 5-10 years choir.
Play, learn, have fun!
This is an earlier and shorter rehearsal for younger singers. Join us at 4.30 for songs, musical games, an introduction to music theory and more – all through play and fun!


AUG 2013


Berlin Children’s Choir begins meeting for the 2013/14 school year.
17.15 – 18.15 Theaterhaus Mitte


JUL 2013


No rehearsals.


20 JUN 2013


Louise promises lots of games in this end of year session.
CDs with photos and the concert recording will be available today. Double CD costs 5euro (to cover costs) Great present for family, grandparents.
CDs are still available!


24 MAY 2013


24 May 2013 5.30pm
The Georgensaal
Of the Parochial Kirche
Klosterstraße 66 (U2 Klosterstraße)
All welcome!


20 DEC 2012


All family and friends are invited to come to the last 20 minutes of our rehearsal for a mini-concert of Christmas and festive songs and carols.
All Welcome!